Litigation aims to improve experience of wheelchair users in Seattle Mariners stadium

 In Civil Rights

With Washington Civil & Disability Advocate (WACDA) and pro bono attorney Lee Gordon, DRLC filed a post-remand brief in the U.S. District Court in Washington State in a case seeking to better the experience of baseball fans who use wheelchairs by improving their line of sight over spectators in front of them.

WACDA and DRLC previously won this primary issue in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, holding that the U.S. District Court failed to apply the correct standard for wheelchair users’ line of sight at T-Mobile Park, the home ballpark of the Seattle Mariners. 

Reply briefs are expected on March 16, 2023. If the post-remand brief filed by WACDA and DRLC is successful, the court order will result in a greatly improved experience of wheelchair users in the Mariners’ stadium.

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