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The Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, public-interest advocacy organization that champions the rights of people with disabilities and invests in otherwise neglected communities by creating access for people with disabilities.

Founded in 1975, DRLC houses the nation’s oldest disability rights program. With a strong commitment to intersectionality, DRLC’s programs confront attitudinal and programmatic barriers that maintain discriminatory structures, prevent equal access, and prevent people with disabilities from full inclusion in society.



DRLC is proud to house the nation’s oldest disability rights program. The Civil Rights Litigation Program invests in otherwise neglected communities by creating access. These cases aim to create lasting changes that benefit the entire community, reshape attitudes and perceptions, and influence future policies, procedures, and structures to effect change across the country.

Cancer Legal Resource Center

DRLC’s Cancer Legal Resource Center addresses legal issues faced by people with cancer, whose needs are unique in the disability community. Through its national telephone assistance line, outreach programs, and community activities, the Cancer Legal Resource Center (CLRC) has reached more than half a million cancer-affected individuals since its creation in 1997.

CORE Program

The Community Outreach, Resources, & Education (CORE) Program serves as DRLC’s front line, ensuring two-way communication between our teams and community. CORE seeks to map existing resources and to connect community-based organizations to work synergistically alongside established and emerging leaders and remain responsive and attuned to the community.

Contact Us

Contact DRLC by email at DRLC@theDRLC.org.

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