CLRC Debt and Finances Publication List

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Understanding Credit Reporting and Credit Scores (2019)

Between huge medical expenses and reduced income, people with cancer often struggle to pay their bills on time, if they can afford to pay them at all. Paying bills late can have a lot of negative consequences, and it is important to understand how paying bills late can impact your credit score.

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Tips for Understanding and Dealing with Medical Bills (2019)

When it comes to dealing with medical bills, there is no “one size fits all” solution. However, if you review your bills, talk about your concerns, and negotiate with your healthcare providers and insurance company, dealing with and paying your medical bills can become more manageable. This handout covers some tips for understanding and dealing with your medical bills.

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Paying Medical Bills and Managing Debt (2019)

Once you have reviewed your medical bills and worked with your provider and insurance plan to make sure your insurance is covering all of the services it is supposed to, you may still have medical bills left to pay or other outstanding expenses. Even if you have negotiated payment plans or reduced fees with providers, some financial burdens are simply too big to handle. This handout covers some of your payment options.

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What Happens if I Do Not Pay My Bills? (2019)

Medical bills and other expenses can pile up easily, especially if you need to take unpaid time off of work or are unable to return to work after your cancer treatment. This handout covers some of the consequences of not paying your bills on time.

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Asistencia Financiera (2017)

Esta es una lista de recursos para una posible asistencia financiera y puede servir como un punto de empezar encontrar información adicional.

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Asistencia Nacional para Prescripciones (2017)

Esta documento es un recurso para ayudarle aliviar parte de la carga financiera de los medicamentos recetados. Esta lista contiene sitios web para encontrar cupones de medicamentos recetados y otros programas de ahorro de costos para ayudar a reducir el costo de medicamentos recetados.

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Budget Sheet

This handout is intended to help you with your financial planning and is a list of things to consider when creating a budget.

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¿Es la bancarrota la opción apropiada para mí? (2015)

Este folleto contiene información sobre qué tipos de deudas pueden y no pueden ser descargadas en bancarrota, así como información básica sobre los diferentes tipos de bancarrota. (Versión de texto aquí)

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Financial Assistance Resources (2019)

This is a list of resources for possible financial assistance and may just be a starting point for you to find additional information.  Many of the financial assistance programs on this list are for patients in active treatment.

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Is Bankruptcy Right for Me? (2019)

This publication contains information on what types of debts can and cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, as well as basic information on the different types of bankruptcy. (Text version here)

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Life Insurance (2013)

This handout explains life insurance, generally. The handout explains different types of life insurance, how to name a beneficiary, tips on purchasing life insurance, and viatical settlements. (Text version)

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Manejando el Costo de Cuidado de Cáncer (2015)

Esta no es una lista de recursos de asistencia financiera. Este folleto contiene consejos prácticos para manejar deudas, incluyendo cómo negociar bajar su factura, cómo buscar errores médicos de facturación y recursos para los consumidores que tienen preguntas sobre la administración de la deuda. (Versión de texto aquí)

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Prescription Drug Assistance (2017)

This handout contains websites for finding prescription drug coupons and other cost savings programs to help reduce the cost of prescription drugs, whether you have insurance or not. (Text version here)

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Seguro de Vida (2011)

Este folleto explica el seguro de vida, en general. El folleto explica los diferentes tipos de seguros de vida, cómo nombrar un beneficiario, consejos sobre la compra de seguros de vida y asentamientos viatical. (Versión de texto aquí)


CLRC webinars and recorded presentations are free and open to cancer patients and their families, survivors, caregivers, health care professionals and others coping with cancer.


The costs of cancer can be staggering, even for those who have insurance. This webinar will give an overview of ways to maximize insurance coverage to prevent medical debt, tips for talking to insurance companies and healthcare providers, wage-replacement programs like disability insurance, and other assistance programs that may help ease the financial burdens associated with a cancer diagnosis. Watch here.

Financial Assistance and Disability Benefits (2015)

Learn about income replacement programs, such as Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), state short term disability insurance, private disability insurance and other forms of financial assistance. Click here for telecast slides.

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