Anna Rivera is the Senior Staff Attorney in the litigation program at the Disability Rights
Legal Center (DRLC). Ms. Rivera has been litigating complex civil rights and public
interest cases for over ten years. A former Adjunct Professor at Loyola Marymount
University in Los Angeles, Ms. Rivera co-taught an upper division special education and the
law course and regularly lectures on education law and policy.
Ms. Rivera is a 2005 graduate from Southwestern Law School and a 1997 graduate of Lewis
and Clark College. While in law school, she was actively involved in the Public Interest
Law group and served as the President of the Latino Law Student Association. While at
Lewis and Clark College, Ms. Rivera co-founded the Hispanic Student Union and worked to
raise awareness of issues confronting minority students on campus.
Cases of note include:
 -Garcia v. Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. et al, USDC Case Number CV-09-08943 DMG
(SHx) (class action addressing the failure to provide special education services to
eligible young adults in the Los Angeles County jail system);
 -Meister et al. v. Hawthorne Police Department, USDC Case Number CV-14-1096
MWF (SHx) (successfully settled multi-plaintiff lawsuit addressing failure to provide
effective communication to individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing by the
Hawthorne Police Department);
 -Goldkorn v. County of Riverside, USDC Case Number CV 14-982 RSWL (SHx)
(successfully settled case addressing the denial of programmatic access to an
individual with a disability at Riverside Regional County Regional Medical Center).
 -Ochoa et al. v. City of Long Beach et al., USDC Case No. CV 14-04307 DSF (FFMx)
(a class action challenging the City of Los Angeles’ failure to maintain pedestrian
right of ways, including sidewalks and curb ramps for people with mobility