Alexandra Robertson joined the Disability Rights Legal Center as a senior staff attorney in the Civil Rights Litigation Program in 2020. As part of the litigation team, she works on impact litigation to obtain full and equal access for individuals with disabilities to government programs, public accommodations or other services offered by private entities, including removal of physical barriers, modification of policies, and the provision of reasonable accommodations. Ms. Robertson’s recent work includes litigation to enforce rights to full and equal access to transportation, effective communication for deaf individuals, the use of service animals by persons with disabilities, academic accommodations in higher education, and equal access to programs and activities for K-12 students with disabilities. Before joining DRLC, Ms. Robertson was an attorney in private disability rights firm, primarily litigating discrimination claims against public entities and private businesses for clients with a wide range of disabilities. Ms. Robertson has been working in disability rights since 2012 and graduated from Loyola Law School Los Angeles in 2013.

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