CLRC Medicare and Medicaid Publication List

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Medicaid Overview (2015)

This publication discusses eligibility, including income and asset requirements, for health care coverage under Medicaid nationwide. (Text version here)

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Medicare Appeals (2017)

If you believe that your Medicare plan has wrongly refused to cover a medication, service, or other charge, you have the right to appeal this decision.  This handout gives an overview of the appeals process for Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans.

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Medicare Basics (2017)

Medicare is the federal government’s health insurance program that provides benefits for people age 65 and older and people with long-lasting or permanent disabilities.  This handout gives an overview of Medicare eligibility, coverage, costs, and resources.

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Medigap (Medicare Supplements)

This publication explains Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans (called Medigap plans).  It is intended for those who are looking to learn about their Medicare coverage and additional coverage options. (Text version here)


CLRC webinars and recorded presentations are free and open to cancer patients and their families, survivors, caregivers, health care professionals and others coping with cancer.

How Do I Sign Up for (or Change Enrollment in) Medicare? (2017)

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Wednesday, October 25, 12pm PST: How do I sign up for (or change my enrollment in) Medicare?

Medicare open enrollment takes place every year from October 15-December 7. Join this webinar to learn more about how (and why) to sign up for Medicare when you are first eligible, what your options are during open enrollment, how Medicare works with other insurance, and more. To view, click here.

Medicare Basics (2015)

Learn about what types of protections are available to higher education students with cancer or students who are cancer survivors both during the application process and once the students have started college, graduate school and beyond.  Additionally, learn about ways for students or alumni with disabilities to manage or possibly discharge their student loans. Please click here for telecast slides.

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